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Who change the bottle last?

Did she wash the top of the bottle?

Did he wash his hands first?

Does she have a cold?

Didn't he just come out of the BATHROOM?

Dirt, bacteria and viruses can be introduced with every bottle change of a traditional bottle water cooler.

Our premium Pure 1 systems feature an enclosed, self-filling bottle that automatically replenishes itself! That means no spills, risk of contamination or injury, or the need for unsightly and obtrusive spare bottles that take up valuable storage space. Available in hot/cold and room temperature/cold options, with optional RO filtration that removes more than 90% of potentially harmful contaminants including Cryptos-poridium and Giardia.



Bottle water companies are held to the same standards that the municipalities are for delivering tap water. Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL)s are set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CA Department of Health Services.

In many cases traditional bottled water is taken from municipal water sources and is filtered the same way that mr. H2O filters the water that is produced at your location. mr. H2O eliminates the need for frequent water deliveries, bottles storage and best of all changing those awkward 40lbs. water bottles.


Company Water Type Water Source Filtration Used


Spring Sediment, Ultraviolet light, Ozone (optional)
Drinking Well or Municipal Supply Carbon (Municipal Supply Only) Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis/Distillation, Sediment, Ultraviolet light, Ozone, Remineralization (mineralized water only)
Distilled Well or Municipal Supply Carbon (Municipal Supply Only) Water Softener, Distillation, Sediment, Ultraviolet Light, Ozone
Link To Arrowhead Water Filtration Process

So. Calif

Drinking Municipal Supply

Sediment, Reverse Osmosis, Remineralization (For Taste), Ultraviolet light, Ozone

Fluoridated Water Municipal Supply Sediment, Reverse Osmosis, Fluoridated, Remineralization (For Taste), Ultraviolet light, Ozone
Link To Sparkletts Water Filtration Process

International Bottled Water Assoc. (IBWA)

Water Quality Assoc.(WQA) www.wqa.org
Pacific Water Quality Assoc. (PWQA) www.pwqa.org