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The Choice Is Yours

Whether you choose one of our basic activated carbon filtration systems or a state of the art reverse osmosis system that delivers bottled water purity, your drinking water will be fresh and free of unusual tastes and odors.

How We Do It
Click here to see how our system works. No more lost space to bottle storage or chagrining out those 40 lbs. bottles.

Fresher really is better!

These treatment technologies are the same as those used in commercial water-bottling plants, with the added benefit that the water does not sit for long periods of time while in storage. Fresher really is better! 



mr. H2O provides high quality water treatment and filtration systems to commercial accounts throughout Southern California. What sets us apart from our competitors are our personalized service and attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure that we consistently deliver fresh, clean and safe drinking quality water at an affordable price.

Our primary objective is to keep you satisfied, and ensure that you are receiving not only the best possible service, but most importantly, clean, healthy, filtered water from your purification system.

mr. H2O values your business and pledges to be responsive to your needs. We will be introducing some exciting new products in the near future. Information about these products and our company will be found right here at www.mrh2o.com.

Please schedule an appointment by contacting us through our Web site on our contact us page or at our toll-free customer service number (866) 820-1698.

Once again, we appreciate having you as a customer and look forward to earning your trust and loyalty over the future.

Based out of Santa Monica CA

Email: info@mr-h2o.com